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Why Is an On-Demand Delivery App Profitable?


As the world is going online, every business needs a powerful solution for growing its profits high in the changing market and make mark themselves unique.

If you don’t have any online existence or you aren’t deciding to go online, Sorry! It is more challenging for you to stay in this most competitive market. According to Statista, the estimated revenue of the online delivery market is approximately 70,741 million USD. So, you can see where you are standing.

The best way to grow your business is to utilize the on-demand delivery solution to attract and reach the market. Because of this, the on-demand delivery app development has earned a good position in the IT industry. So, if you are going to create a profitable on-demand delivery app, you can reach Cubix for that as it has a dedicated team of software developers.

This post will help you to understand on-demand app development and how it is profitable for your business. This post has pointed out the benefits of on-demand delivery apps and usage in different sectors.

Businesses That Need an On-Demand Delivery App

The on-demand delivery application has provided many businesses and customers a hassle-free way of interaction. On the other side, it has increased the expectation of customers. Here are some examples of companies that are efficiently utilizing the on-demand apps for their communications.

Food Delivery Business

The first example of an on-demand app is a food delivery business. Once in life, we all have made the online order for food (if I’m not wrong). This on-demand food delivery has earned a great name in the market. This type of app enables the customers to quickly locate their favorite restaurants and order their food using their smartphones. Such kinds of applications have got more attention in the COVID-19 situation when people work from home as they can’t go outside because of pandemic lockdown.

According to Statista, the estimated revenue of food delivery app is approximately 1.36,431 million USD in 2020. That shows a profitable growth of this app and will not vanish in the future. That creates a long-term partnership between food outlets and on-demand food delivery businesses.

  1. Fuel Delivery

This idea is a trend nowadays as people like the concept that allows them to book the service that suits their needs. It enables the user to share their location and make payment after filling the fuel.

  1. Cooking Gas Delivery

This app allows people to book their gas delivery slot by sharing the address. This on-demand cooking gas delivery app enables the customer to order when they feel comfortable, and it allows the customer to pay with cash or an online method. After this, the admin gives the green signal to your order. They assign a driver for your route, and the user is allowed to locate the status regarding their order.

  1. Grocery Delivery App

As the lockdown imposed by in all world because of COVID-19 outbreak, it forces the people to stay at home. As they cannot go out, people start using on-demand grocery app for their daily day needs. With this app, people are allowed to buy their daily supplies. While on the other side it supports the business owners in their hard times of COVID-19.

  1. Medicine Delivery App

Now people can order the medicine at their convenience because of the on-demand medicine delivery app. You have to upload the picture of your prescribed medicine, and the admin will deliver that medicine to your doorstep. Medicine delivery apps using marketing tactics to attract the large market by offering different promotions, discounts, and other offers.

Benefits An On-Demand Delivery App Can Offer You

Many companies and businesses have now understood the importance of the on-demand application. They know how fruitful this will be for their business and how one on-demand app can expand their business growth and create a strong market reputation. It also increases the demand in the market for on-demand services applications.

Below are some advantages that on-demand application provides you.

  1. Increased Customer Base

With the help of on-demand applications, you get a large audience. You can evaluate your business and improve it with user data as it indicates your weak and strong sides. You can use this data to facilitate and give some surprise to your audience by knowing their wants and engage them with your brand.

  1. Speedy Deliveries

With the aid of on-demand delivery, you can boost your delivery time by arranging the best route for your rider so that he\she can make the delivery in less time. This step will leave a positive mark on your brand in customer minds, and now a day’s peoples hate late deliveries.

  1. Increased Consumer Satisfaction

Apps enable you to deliver the product to the customer’s doorstep. This shows the attachment of business with the customers. You can evaluate yourself by seeing the usage of your app and from the feedback. Customers want things at their fingertips or their doorstep without any hassle. So, you can make your app most user friendly.

  1. Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is we can say like a company is busy in doing something for their loyal customers so they can purchase again. On the other side, this something also helps in attracting the news customers like. This includes company discount offers, cashback, rewards, etc. these are tactics used by companies to boost loyalty as companies don’t want to lose them.

  1. Highly Customizable

It allows you to create an app in a highly customized way. You are entitled to add or remove features to it. One can set limits on the features or restrict the user, same as you can enable them to access the app, etc. You can add few features in the app at the start and when you find something new or useful, simply add that as a feature in the app.

  1. High Scalability

One can quickly expand their business efficiently by using the top-notch app. That app will help you in handling when there are too many orders to deal with. For example, you are dealing with few orders like two to three hundred, but what if this quantity increased to five to seven hundred orders per day. So, at this time, your strong on-demand app will handle your workload and help you to get out of this situation in a much better way.

  1. Real-Time Tracking

You can monitor your deliveries in real-time with the aid of an on-demand app. Customers or business can get updates of the delivery time and are allowed to track the exact position. The user receives the estimated time of delivery. You have to consider that the more you update your customer regarding their delivery or regarding anything, the special they feel.

Integration of Cashless Payment Methods

Everyone wants a secure and convenient way of payments so they can easily make payments for their shopping. So, when you create an on-demand solution app, you must add multiple payment methods like credit card, debit card features in your app. It could help you overcome the payment delay and other issues regarding it, and you can easily track it.


Creating an app by yourself is quite tough and challenging. Significantly there are different ways to develop an app for your business, and no worries, there are many software companies that make our work easy. You have a choice to outsource your app development or hire a team of developers for your project. I hope you like this post, and in some way, it is helpful for you.

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