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5 Tips to Capture Impressive Pictures through the New Vivo Y15

Vivo Y15 is one of the most popular budget smartphones among youngsters. It boasts a 16MP AI triple rear camera setup and is available at prices of around Rs.14,000 in the market. Since its launch, the smartphone has been acknowledged for its smart design, reliable performance and high-quality camera.

As a result, a significant number of individuals use the handset to groom and display their photography skills. When it comes to creative or professional-   level photography, this smartphone’s specs are ideal.

Though this Vivo handset boasts of camera features adept at capturing delicate details and wide-angle images of 120 degrees, it will come in handy if the user has a few mobile photography tricks handy too.

Having an idea about the angles, camera specs, and lighting will help enhance the picture’s quality and composition.

Tips to capture stunning images with Vivo Y15

This smartphone’s AI triple camera (13MP main + 8MP super wide-angle + 2MP depth camera) helps to capture high-quality pictures. With the help of this device, users can capture impressive shots in both landscapes and portraits modes.

Nevertheless, smartphone users can use these simple tips to capture stunning images on their phones under 15000 –

Tip 1 – Frame the subject

To create an impactful picture, smartphone users should try to frame the subject in a unique shape or structure to add distinct dimensions to each picture. It helps to make the shot eye-catching, whether it is clicked indoors or outdoors.

Tip 2 – Declutter the background

To make any snapshot memorable or to draw attention to the primary subject, it is vital to get rid of the things that clutter the background or make up a chaotic composition. When too many things are going on in the background, the viewers are bound to get distracted.

Tip 3 – Take advantage of the camera settings

One of the reasons professional photographers can capture stunning pictures with their cameras is that they are familiar with their various settings. Professionals also know how to manipulate those settings to compose a unique shot. Thus, once Vivo Y15 users become familiar with the camera settings and options in the phone, they too can acquire stunning pictures.

Tip 4 – Stability is important

Smartphone users should ensure that they have a steady hand throughout while clicking pictures on their device. However, when they plan to compose long shots, they may consider getting equipment like a tripod to ensure a clear picture. Additionally, to ensure relatively stable snaps, the handset is equipped with stability optimisation features as well.

Tip 5 – Experiment with symmetry

The best trick to create unique compositions is to leverage the power of symmetry. Vivo Y15 users should learn how to create symmetrical pictures with the help of lines. Usually, the imaginary line moves down the middle and cuts through composition’s main subject. In case there are two subjects in a picture, the imaginary line cuts through between them.

Nevertheless, individuals should also focus on other specs before purchasing phones under 15000 to ensure that the phone they plan to use is not just fit for clicking pictures but is excellent in other regards and, thus, worth their money.

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