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Festivals And Its Traditional Celebration in India

Rakhi ( the bond of protection) is the sacred thread girdle traditionally tied to the wrists of brothers by sisters through the ritual of Raksha Bandhan (protective tying). The associated festival is referred to either as rakhi or as Raksha Bandhan. The festival is held on Shravan Poornima, or the day (night) of the full moon in the Indian monsoon month of Shravan. Raksha Bandhan’s tradition is a pan-Indian culture and for centuries have been recognized and honored across religions, races, and communities residing in India. With the tying of a rakhi, new relationships as sisters and brothers are created between males and females, and existent relationships are reinforced.

One of the prime reasons for the popularity of rakhi is because it is a socially accepted brother-sister bonding experience. This socially approved process immediately recognizes a bond as brother and sister between the parties; thus, imposing upon the male responsibilities of a brother vis-à-vis the concerned woman or girl.

The popularity of rakhi has also come from a woman or girl’s genuine sisterly feelings towards any male who was not a brother by blood relation. This rule of converting a non-kin male into a brother and accepting him into the household is practiced and accepted across India’s religions and communities. Thus, rakhi means much more than a simple yearly celebration, but the creation of lifelong secular relationships in society firmly segmented by caste and religion.

Picking out the rakhi

The first and the most important thing to choose for the festival is, of course, the rakhi. There is a wide variety of rakhi available these days. You will find general rakhi, stone rakhi, zardosi rakhi, floral rakhi, pearl rakhi, and the list is simply endless in modern times. Creative and sassy rakhi’s come in all sizes and shapes. Choose something that suits your brother’s age and of course, your budget. You can order a single rakhi or a thali that’s decorated with roli, tikka chawal, which are essential for the occasion.

Rakhi gifting tradition:

Traditional celebration of rakhi involves the tying of the sacred thread with some puja rituals then followed by an exchange of gifts. So, here are some of the rakhi gifts for sister and brother to consider giving this year.

When sisters look for gifts for their brothers:

The new trend is to send gifts to brothers along with the rakhi. There’s nothing to worry about when easy-to-use services are available from various online gift stores. Chocolates, cakes, sweets, dry fruits, or pretty flower bunches, you just name it, and it’s there in the showcase! If you want to make it extra special, just go in for a shirt, wallet, watch, or sunglasses that seems to be the perfect pick for your brother. All that is required is a little browsing for selecting the right one for the event.

When brothers look for gifts for sisters:

When sisters shower their love, how can the brothers sit quietly? A return gift is surely required and most of all, it brings a smile to your sister’s face!

If you think choosing gifts is a cumbersome job, it’s no more that way. Just go to the right website which offers rakhi gifts and select the one that seems right for your beloved sister.

It can be anything starting from a smartwatch, saree, kitchenware or lehenga. The latest fad in gifts is choosing vouchers from different companies. That gives your sister a choice to select what she likes.

So, enjoy your rakhi shopping this year, and hope you find the appropriate gift for the occasion.

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