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Pakistani Women across the globe are famous for their stylish attitude and are captivated by the most recent customary and social attire accessible available. Luckily, Pakistani Women are generally drawn towards the variety of firm local skilled originators that Pakistan has to bring to the table.

Inside the most recent decade, we have seen a critical expansion in the quantity of best in class Pakistani fashion designers, which leave us with a soaked market and (fortunately for us) spoilt for decision. Beneath, we have contained our rundown of the most famous Pakistani apparel brands for 2021, all accessible (totally sewed comprehensive of extras) at Rawaaj.

Maria B


Marked by some as the ‘Coco Chanel’ of Pakistan – Maria B is undoubtedly quite possibly the most famous planners in Pakistan throughout the previous thirty years. She offers a broad scope of children’s and ladies’ apparel. Since her dispatch in 1999, each season, Maria B has ruled the scene with top of the line discharges. Year on year, each late spring, Maria B’s grass offering stays a top vendor and her particular plans are loved the world over.

Sana Safinaz


Sana Safinaz is another famous Pakistani brand. Sana Hashwani and Safinaz Muneer the two organizers are glad to recognize the brand as being ‘the nation’s just chief extravagance retailer offering exquisite prepared-to-wear and textures, elegantly printed and weaved alongside vanguard outlines to suit the advanced lady’.

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They are prestigious for giving premium quality ladies’ dress. Throughout the long term, their women’s dresses have been exceptional and well known across the globe. Sana Safinaz is explicitly well known for their energetically foreseen yearly grass and silk discharges which are nearly ensured to sell out on pre-request before they make an opportunity to hit the racks.

Anaya by Kiran Chaudhry


ANAYA (by Kiran Chaudhry) is the most recent endeavor by Oxford taught well known performing craftsman and business person, Kiran Chaudhry. She has figured out how to fabricate her style undertaking similarly as effectively as different endeavors throughout everyday life. Her tireless hard-working attitude implies all that she contacts go-to gold, difficult work pays off. Her extravagance plans are well known the nation over. Going from marriage to unstitched yard, ANAYA is in excess of a style house, it’s a development based upon the difficult work and devotion of its author.



A-Meenah prepared wear is quickly turning into an impressive competitor on the Pakistani style scene. With a solid and committed group of capable originators and producers drove by UK based monetary specialist Nawaz Qurban, A-Meenah is developing and changing Pakistani design as far as we might be concerned. Exemplary with an advanced contort. Totally ladylike, yet strong enough to say something. To date, A-Meenah has introduced choice plans in the easygoing, formal wear and semi-formal wear field. 2020 anyway is a colossal year for A-Meenah who will unexpectedly step into the high fashion path, and here at House of Faiza we excitedly foresee the delivery.

Noor by Saadia Asad


Noor by Sadia Asad is quickly turning into a commonly recognized name and solid rivalry for Pakistan’s top brands particularly in the yard field. Her plans are incredibly on-pattern and she generally furnishes a tremendous shading range alongside a wide scope of styles and themes in every assortment. Presently the planner offers yard, prepared wear, and unstitched pieces at a serious sticker price given the extravagance level and nature of craftsmanship. The new ‘Noor by Sadia Asad Embroidered’ dispatch which was equipped towards the proper wedding wear market assortment demonstrated an enormous hit and sold out in a flash.



Elan is quite possibly the most sought-after extravagance of a Pakistani dress brand. This is a brand that offers unmistakable plans and instead of following the design, each year Elan appears to start the-precedent and nearly lead the bearing of style for the coming year. The planned house offers conceivably, the broadest scope of dress for anyone given brand, with exceptional and flawless couture bridals to straightforward fundamental ordinary wear, you’ll discover an outfit to suit pretty much every event. On the off chance that you are searching for an outfit that is novel and not average, we recommend an Elan piece. The Elan Eid assortments appear to be progressively famous consistently.



With more than 30 years of experience in the material area, there is no doubt of uncertainty about Baroque’s information and conveyance of the incomparable nature of textures. So when Baroque took the jump from materials into the retail area the solitary thing it required was to dominate the specialty of plan and craftsmanship which it executed effectively on each level.

Today, Baroque can flaunt itself as being one the main creators for semi-formal and formal Pakistani attire. Here at House of Faiza, we guarantee that we stock the entirety of the famous yearly deliveries from Baroque, we find and truly expanding interest for the restocking of the top ‘sold-out’ formal wedding wear pieces, which we do an amazing job in gaining for our clients. You will not locate some other provider outside of Pakistan who will persistently obtain and re-stock the top of the line Baroque pieces.



Since 2012 ‘Place of Charizma’ has been producing generally signature (easygoing and semi-formal) yard assortments which have demonstrated to be well known across Pakistan. The attention is on easy styling which is driven by what they imagine as a ‘weaving controlled’ brand, this makes for a decent mix of excitement and solace. Place of Faiza is a pleased seller of Charizma assortments.



Mushq is a Pakistani brand that has acquired worldwide prominence in the course of the most recent 2 years. Purveyor of recognized conventional clothing, the ‘Linen De Luxe’, ‘velvet’ &’Luxury Formal’ assortments was viewed as the most ‘up to date’ pursued and refined arrivals of a year ago.

Mushq likewise tends to plan the scope of garments intended for the more colorful dresser, which makes it a different and contemporary brand.

Crimson by Saira Shakira


Saira Shakira is perhaps quite possibly the most imaginative originators in Pakistan at this moment. Her rich plans ooze such greatness that totally every piece she plans is suffocating in extravagance. Saira doesn’t get things done considerably, this isn’t a brand that gives your consistent comfort wear, in actuality, it’s an image that gives shocking and rich proclamation pieces.

Suffuse by Sana Yasir


Sana delivers the most perfect and unpredictable plans that Pakistan has to bring to the table, or has ever advertised. Her selective marriage dresses are incorporated among the best of wedding commitments accessible on the present market. Non-select Suffuse ranges incorporate easygoing pretty and modern multifaceted proper wear the two of which are accessible on Suffuse is a brand that has the option to flaunt its prevalence and we are both a certain and pleased retailer of the Suffuse line.

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