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How to Protect Your Device From ESET’s FurBall Android Spyware 2022


ESET’s FurBall Android Spyware 2022 : FurBall is a type of malware that has been used by cybercriminals to target specific sectors of the economy. In order to carry out their attacks, they use a variety of tactics, including phishing and watering hole attacks.

This malware is designed to steal sensitive information from the targeted computer and then transmit it back to the attacker. It does this by creating an encrypted connection between the infected computer and an outside server controlled by the attacker.

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What is FurBall Android Spyware

How to Protect Your Device From ESET's FurBall Android Spyware 2022

A new edition of the ‘FurBall’ Android malware has been determined focused on Iranian residents in cell surveillance campaigns performed via way of means of the Domestic Kitten hacking organization, additionally referred to as APT-C-50.

The adware is deployed in a mass-surveillance operation that has been underway for the reason that at the least 2016. In addition, a couple of cybersecurity companies have pronounced on Domestic Kitten, which they trust is an Iranian state-backed hacking organization.

The latest FurBall malware model became sampled and analyzed via way of means of ESET researchers, who file it has many similarities with in advance variations, however now comes with obfuscation and C2 updates.

Also, this discovery confirms that ‘Domestic Kitten’ continues to be ongoing in its 6th year, which in addition backs the speculation that the operators are tied to the Iranian regime, taking part in immunity from regulation enforcement.

New FurBall details

How to Protect Your Device From ESET's FurBall Android Spyware 2022

The new edition of FurBall is shipped thru faux web sites which are visually clones of actual ones, in which sufferers become after direct messages, social media posts, emails, SMS, black search engine optimization, and search engine optimization poisoning.

In one case noticed via way of means of ESET, the malware is hosted on a faux internet site mimicking an English-to-Persian translation carrier famous withinside the country.

In the faux model, there’s a Google Play button that supposedly we could customers down load an Android model of the translator, however in place of touchdown at the app store, they’re despatched an APK file named ‘sarayemaghale.apk.’.

What Are the Practices FurBall Android Spyware is Doing?

Depending on what permissions are described withinside the Android app’s AndroidManifest.xml file, the adware is able to stealing the subsequent information:

  • Clipboard contents
  • Device location
  • SMS messages
  • Contact list
  • Call logs
  • Record calls
  • Content of notifications
  • Installed and going for walks apps
  • Device info
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What Should I Do if My Android Device Is Already Infected With ESET’s FurBall Android Spyware?

However, ESET says that the pattern it analyzed has constrained functionality, simplest asking for get entry to to contacts and garage media.

These permissions are nonetheless effective if abused, and on the equal time, might not improve suspicions to the targets, that is probably why the hacking organization restrained FurBall’s potential.

If needed, the malware can acquire instructions to execute without delay from its command and control (C2) server, that is contacted thru an HTTP request each 10 seconds.

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How to Protect Your Device From ESET's FurBall Android Spyware 2022

In phrases of the brand new obfuscation layer, ESET says it consists of elegance names, strings, logs, and server URI paths, trying to steer clear of detection from anti-virus tools.

Previous variations of Furball didn’t characteristic any obfuscation at all. Hence, VirusTotal detects the malware on
AV engines, while previously, it became flagged via way of means of 28 products.

FAQ on FurBall Android Spyware

How do I know if my phone has been infected by this malware?

You can find out with these simple steps:
1) Check for the following apps in your phone’s settings menu
2) Look for suspicious activities that have been logged in the recent activity log
3) If you see any of these signs, then you should strongly consider deleting the app from your phone

How does it work?

FurBall works by installing itself as a system app on your child’s phone and then installing a rootkit that monitors all activities done over the device.

What is FurBall?

FurBall Android Spyware is a malicious software that is designed to steal personal data and make it public. It can change passwords, view your private messages, listen in on your calls, record video without permission, and much more.


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