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Learn the Steps to Display Instagram Fee on your Blogger Blog 

Instagram is gaining a lot of popularity every day and is becoming one of the most sought after social media site when it comes to promoting and expanding any brand. Not just an individual, people with small or big businesses are doing a lot of work when it comes to ensuring that they are reaching maximum people within the shortest time possible, and all this is possible with the help of Instagram. This is the reason why you would find many websites that help companies with buying Instagram likes

And with so many cool features that are yet to be explored, it is very easy when it comes to adding Instagram feed to WordPress. You would find different plugins and numerous of them are easy and simple to use. With Google Blogger and others, you would be able to handle Instagram a lot more smoothly. And with lightweight.com, you would be getting some great ideas and would be able to add a beautiful Instagram fee when it comes to your Blogger blog. 

Step 1: The first thing that you have to do would be to visit the site www.lightweight.com. As soon as you would b entering the site, you would witness a green login box which would ask you to login with your own Instagram account. Login to your Instagram account after that, and you have to allow Lightweight to have access to your account. It is easy and simple, and you do not have to do a lot of hard work or it.  And you do not have to worry after you have allowed it to access your account; it would not affect your account or your Instagram feed in any way. 

Step2: You would then be directed towards Lightweight again, and after that, you could choose the setting you would want. Then you would also be able to choose the appearance from the setting for your widget. You would also get the opportunity to filter your photos according to the hashtag. You could then work according to your liking and how you would want it. Also, if you’re going to crop all the photos, you could do that by clicking the Square Crop Box. 

If you are looking for your feed to look like a full grid, or you want it on your sidebar, three columns and three rows would be enough. The widget would autofit with the width that you have with your sidebar. Also, if you like, you could go for an image hover effect. Also, if you want white spacing in between the photos, go for padding to around 5px.  

Step 3: Now, you must click on the grey GET Code! Button. Your widget would be ready after that. And now, you have to click on the green button to Clipboard button. And this would help you in copying the widget to your computer. And this is how companies with buy Instagram followers create their cool widgets that they use for their expanding process. 

Step 4: Now entering the Blogger blog on the Layout table, click on the Gadget link and this would open a popup window, and you could either choose HTML or Javascript. Now you have to paste the code and click on the Save button, which would be orange in colour. 

And your work would be done, and as you save the changes, accordingly, the Instagram feed would be appearing in your blog footer. 

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