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Is Physiotherapy Covered In Health Insurance?

Your doctor will recommend a course of treatment if you have a condition to help you recover properly and adjust to living with that condition. For instance, blood thinners and a significant change in diet may be advised if you have hypertension. If you have diabetes, drastically reducing your sugar intake might be recommended. Similar to how severe injuries in an accident affect your motor skills, that may make physiotherapy the most effective treatment. You may be wondering if physiotherapy is covered by a health insurance plan and the premium you pay for the plan. 

A health insurance premium calculator is an easy-to-use tool to check the amount of premium you would need to pay.

Physiotherapy: What Is It?

It’s critical to comprehend what physiotherapy is before answering the question, “Does health insurance cover physiotherapy?”  According to the definition, physiotherapy is a type of medical care that focuses on easing the impact and discomfort on your body’s normal motion. For instance, if your right hand fractures, the doctor will place a plaster-of-Paris cast on it. This cast aids in both the healing of your hand and the resetting of your broken bone. You might find it challenging to move your hand normally as you once did because of the limitations placed on it. It would be advised to use physiotherapy to address this problem.

What Varieties Of Physiotherapy Are There?

Physiotherapy comes in various forms and is used to treat a range of medical conditions as follows: 

  • Psychological Physical Therapy

Several neurological conditions, including stroke, spinal cord issues, and even motor degenerative diseases, can affect how your body moves. Parkinson’s disease is a typical example, which can significantly impact a patient’s ability to move. Its symptoms include visible limbs trembling, sudden tremors, or the inability to speak. 

  • Physiotherapy In Orthopedics

Bone, ligament, and joint injuries are typical. Their movements are limited when a sportsperson sustains an injury like an anterior cruciate ligament tear. Not getting enough rest would worsen the injury and prolong the healing process.

  • Children’s Physical Therapy

This kind of physiotherapy addresses pediatric health issues. Birth complications, congenital disabilities, or other problems that could arise early on could prevent the child from leading a typical life. This kind of physical therapy aims to address the problem’s underlying causes and assist the child in managing them. 

  • Elderly Physical Therapy

Your body changes dramatically as you age. You might suffer from these changes daily, which might be inconvenient in the long run. Common age-related issues include joint pain, muscle aches, and difficulty performing simple tasks. Your daily movements are restricted due to muscle loss and physical weakness, which can be alleviated with physiotherapy.

Does Health Insurance Cover Physiotherapy Therapy?

There are two situations where physiotherapy is required: either after or when hospitalisation is not required. Post-hospitalization care is one of the advantages of health insurance. The cost of physiotherapy will be covered if your doctor advises it after being hospitalised, and your policy includes post-hospitalization coverage. Remember that physiotherapy is not always necessary before being discharged from the network hospital. However, it is regarded as OPD treatment if your doctor has advised you to address some medical issues. Few insurance companies provide health insurance coverage for OPD care. *

Claims are subject to terms and conditions set forth under health insurance policy.

Make sure that you pay your health insurance premium on time.

* Standard T&C apply. 

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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