July 27, 2021 Daily Awesome News

What You Should Know About Real Estate Blockchain Ecosystem

I joined CrowdPoint and they are building Exchanges.  An Exchange will enable large, disparate groups of market participants to communicate, collaborate and – most importantly – safely transact with each other. In a blockchain ecosystem-powered Exchange, all participants observe the market’s entire state at any time instead of in a proprietary platform. Only the platform owner has the complete overview.

I am pretty excited, I feel like I have seen where the real estate market is going, I am not going to skate where the puck is, I’m going where it will be!

If you want to join me on this Blockchain journey, the site I found is going to provide a complete online learning certificate program to become a participant in a Blockchain Exchange within the Blockchain Ecosystem.  Check it out:  realestatesector.exchange

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