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CBSE Class 8 Maths: Study Guide and Preparation Tips

Students always desire to do their best and want to be at the top of other students. When Class 8 exams come near, students try to find ways to prepare for their exams. They easily prepare for other subjects but, it becomes difficult for students to study Maths for exams.

Maths is not a language subject that can be easily learned. To understand the concepts of mathematics, students have to practice questions again and again. It is necessary that instead of mugging up the topics just try to comprehend them and solve problems related to them.

Not having a proper strategy for exam preparation creates tremendous anxiety among students. So, it is important to have some tips or points that should help students to prepare for the examination.

To do your best in your Maths exam and to get a good result in it, beneath are some tips given that should be followed by students:


  • Know About Your Syllabus.


The first thing to do while preparing for your examinations is to know about the syllabus. 

The aggregation of chapters in Class 8 Maths is 16.

These chapters are there in the Maths NCERT book as per the CBSE Syllabus.


  • Focus On The NCERT Maths Book.


The NCERT Maths book is the best source for understanding all the concepts clearly. Subject matter experts are in charge of writing all the content after doing proper research. The language of the content in the book is easy to comprehend.


  • Solve The NCERT Questions.


After reading and clearing your concepts from the Maths NCERT book, try to solve the NCERT questions given in the book. Practice all the examples and exercises of the chapters.

  • Refer To Previous Years’ Question Papers.

It is said that the more you practice the better you become. If you are finished solving the questions of the NCERT Maths book, then practice the sample papers and previous years’ question papers. This will give you the hint about the pattern of the exam paper. Also, solving these papers will help you to develop a strong grip over the concepts.

  • Concentrate On Challenging Topics.

If you wish to score well, you need to emphasize the challenging topics. Try to complete difficult chapters like geometry, quadrilaterals, etc first and then move on to the easy one. This is because these difficult chapters need time to understand. Therefore, try to complete hard things first rather than completing the easier ones.


  • Elucidate Your Queries.


Make sure that you should clear all your doubts before the examination. By clearing your doubts, you can easily understand all the topics.

  • Create Notes For Important Formulas.

As Maths is all about solving questions, it contains several formulas. These formulas are helpful in solving Maths problems. So try to learn and remember these formulas till your Maths exam as it will help you to solve your question paper faster.

  • Try To Solve Question Paper In Right Format.

Endeavor all the problems given in the question paper. Solve the questions in a proper format. Remember to underline the obtained result. Write that much only that is asked in the question.


  • Make A Study Plan.


Managing time is important for a student. Formulate a schedule such that you can give 2 to 3 hours to Maths subject so that you can practice each question carefully.

  • Maintain Your Writing Speed.

 You can enhance your writing speed by solving various sample papers. This technique will help you to complete your question paper before the time. The remaining time can be consumed in checking the answer sheet before submitting it.

Sometimes it is seen that students do not like to study online. They prefer offline study over online study. For the NCERT Solutions, they can now use the option of NCERT Maths Book Class 8 Solutions PDF Free Download. By this, they can use this PDF file to study offline.

If you have gone through the above-mentioned tips, let us know the significance of guidebooks for Class 8 Maths.

  • Provides Comprehensive Information.

Students often do not understand some concepts from their main book. For solving this problem, they can use the Class 8 Maths Guidebook as it contains complete information about the chapter. Students can easily understand a particular topic in detail from these reference books.


  • Sufficient Study Material.


Guidebooks are the best study material after the NCERT books. They help you to grasp the topics more easily. It also supplies ample questions to practice and understand the chapter.


  • Clearly Explains The Chapter.


The language written in the guidebooks is simple. Students can easily interpret the concepts. They get a deep knowledge about a particular chapter through these guidebooks.


  • Helps In Saving Your Time.


It happens that students forgot to complete their homework and the deadline comes near. So to complete the work on time, students can use these reference books to find and write the answers.


  • Most Of The Questions Are Taken From These Guidebooks.


As you will solve the sample papers and previous years’ question papers, you will discover that most of the questions are picked from the guidebook of the Class 8 Maths. So, do practice the questions from these reference books if you want to score well in the Class 8 Examination.


  • Both Online And Offline Availability.


Students can buy or download these guidebooks. If students are interested in studying offline, then they can buy them as these reference books are easily available in markets. If some students want to save money and time, then they can download the PDF files for free from the internet.

This article will help the students of Class 8 to know how to prepare for the exams and what is the importance of the guidebook. The tips mentioned in this article will let students know how to score well in their Class 8 Maths exam. By following those points they can make the Maths subject as the easiest subject that can be understood by them. Also, after knowing the benefits of the guidebooks of Class 8 Maths, they have now understood that these reference books play a critical role in scoring good marks in the Class 8 Examination.


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